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Abysmus was created by Atrocitus soon after the death of the Five Inversions on the planet Ysmault. Abysmus was created with the intent to form an army for the Red Lantern Corps and was molded together by the remains of stranded travelers. However Abysmus was seen as a failure in the eyes of his "father" Atrocitus, due to the fact he felt empathy for other living creatures. Atrocitus killed Abysmus and buried him beneath the soils of Ysmault in the abominable zone. Centuries later, Atrocitus returned to the abominable zone to discover plant life growing where there has not been life for the longest of time. With this new life he also discovered Abysmus had arisen with the help of the planet itself which fed him and in turn fed off of him. Abysmus was accompanied by other failures which were now deemed Abysmorphs which were brought back with the help of Abysmus himself and had a hunger for vengeance on their "father".

Major Story Arcs

Blood and Rage

Abysmus has claimed to have taken Krona's body, flayed it and eaten it to gain his power. He then, with the aide of the Abysmorphs, ambushes Atrocitus and stabs him through the heart with chunk of tree. Abysmus then gloats about killing his father.

Death of the Red Lanterns.

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