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Would anyone happen to possess any scans showing Absorbing Man regrowing his body? I am not saying that he can't do it because I know he can( on his comic vine page it says "He was shown to be able to "re-grow" his arm when it fell off (in his rocky form) by re-attaching it, then changing back to human form." ) but I'd like to see some scans about the degree of regrowth ability he has. Like, I'd like to see a scan of him being completely overloaded and blowing up, but then regrowing his body after being blown up.

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I do recall reading a scene in an online comic (maybe it was free at at some point), where Absorbing Man had absorbed the properties of cocaine (long story short - he was on a drug craze) and he was then blown apart with a fan so that he could be sold by the Owl's gang. Eventually, Absorbing Man was able to actually reconstitute himself in the sewers after being expelled through various fluids from the bodies of the people who'd snorted him.
I've tried my best to find it online, but no such luck. As far as I can tell, the scene I'm thinking of takes place in Marvel Knights Spider-Man from issues 13 to 18. Specifically, I'd have to guess that it was in issue #17, but that's just a guess. 
I know this isn't an image, but maybe someone will have better luck finding it this way.
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fixing floating thread problem

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Floating thread? What's that mean exactly? I'm still not 100% on internet jargon and such.

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