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1-2-3... now it really begins.

For my review for trade 1 click HERE
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For my review fro trade 3 click HERE
The Absolute volumes are given the name Absolute because nothing is better then them when it come to the printing of certain stories.  This first volume happens to contain the same content story-wise as trades one, two and three.   If you want my reviews for those books click on the links above.
Here is a brief write up of my reviews for Sandman so fair.  The main Character is a man named Morpheus, king of the Dreaming.  Sometimes called  Dream, he is a personification of the word "Dream".  He is not alone as a living word.  He does come with a family of brothers and sisters called the Endless.  The 1st half of this book Dream is getting his life back together from being captive for years,  the second half builds up this universe Neil Gaiman is creating.
The advantages of the absolute versions are: Better coloring compared to the original series, over-sides book having bigger pictures, a slip-case to protect it and bonus feature for the hardcore fan.
The major disadvantage is that is is big and can be cumbersome to read if you are not use to it.
Sandman is one of the most respected series in comics.  It is read by all types of readers, not just comic readers.  Neil Gaiman would not be the huge success he is now if it was not for this series.  If you haven't check it out, this is a nice book to get you started.  With 1, 2, 3 trades in this volume, you'll be ready for the real fun to begin.
This is a 5/5!
 - Silkcuts.

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