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 Abraham Pointe
Two years ago, Abraham Pointe became infatuated with a young waitress named Lisa. Mistaking his infatuation for love, Abraham pined after Lisa but never made the effort to go after her.
Instead, he would go to the Casino where she worked every day and watch her, silently obsess over her and would even go so far as to discreetly take pictures of her, all of which he hung up on the walls of his house.
He first appeared in a vision presented to Hal Jordan by The White Lantern, however, his identity was obscured by the violet energy radiating from an adjacent image of The Predator.
Sometime after this, The Predator approached Abraham in his own home with the intent of helping Abraham make the effort to go after Lisa and make her love him.
The two became as one and Abraham was given power beyond his wildest dreams and, in addition, an updated version of the uniform Carol Ferris wore when she was possessed and transformed into an entirely new being by The Predator.
Carol, who had been sent to Vegas to retrieve The Predator, was accosted by Abraham alongside Larfleeze when The Predator-infused stalker decided to reveal himself.
After complimenting Carol's looks, he blasted her through a wall and out of the Casino, stating that she was not the one he was there for.
Abraham approached then approached Lisa, who demanded that he stay back, a demand which he refused by stating that he had stayed away from her for too long, that he refused to continue onward with his lonely existence and that with his new powers he was going to make Lisa love him.
It was then that Carol, with Hal in tow, returned and engaged Abraham in battle once more only to find themselves tossed aside like gnats as The Predator itself emerged from the dark recesses of Abraham's mind, imprisoned Lisa within a crystalline cage and explained its reasons for merging with Abraham.
Larfleeze's agony
Larfleeze, who was angered by the destruction of the Casino's "All You Can Eat" Buffet, tried to attack The Predator only to have the agonizing sadness coupled with feelings of loneliness.
Feelings that he had hidden deeply within his heart under countless layers of greed brought back to the surface by the same ability the more typical Star Sapphires use to bring out even the tiniest shred of love in a persons heart, no matter how cold or evil they are.
With Larfleeze demoralized and quickly became preoccupied with a vision of his family, who were apparently still alive, that The Predator had shown him. 
Carol and Hal got back on their feet and attacked Abraham in force. But when they realized that such an approach was not working, Carol turned to Lisa and asked for her help.
She told the bewildered girl of the "parasite" infecting Abraham's body and asked if he were an ex-boyfriend, to which Lisa replied that she did not know who Abraham was. 
Abraham then cut in by saying that she had never noticed him, that he had watched her for over two years and that she wanted him to be nice to him like she was to everyone else who entered the Casino. 
He then repeated his desire to make her love him, which prompted Carol to step in and tell him that he could not make her love him, he retorted by saying that he did love Lisa. 
Predator No More
Carol replied that he had mistaken love for infatuation and asked him if he even knew anything about her other than her name.
As the truth and a measure of despair began to settle in and his body began to crystallize, Abraham told Carol that he wanted to love Lisa and that he wanted to know what it was like to be loved. 
Carol pulled Abraham closer to her and told him that everyone does and then kissed him, effectively separating Abraham from The Predator. Abraham, alongside Carol, Hal, Larfleeze and The Predator were then taken to Zamaron
Abraham was last seen in a demoralized and saddened state being held by Hal as The Zamarons hailed Carol as the new Queen of The Star Sapphires.
Shortly afterward, Larfleeze was asked to watch over Abraham while Hal confronted Carol about her rather abrupt ascension to the throne of Zamaron. 
Don't say it.
But when Abraham made the mistake of attempting to utter Larfleeze's true name, his captor went berserk and viciously beat the powerless Abraham to the brink of death, only to be saved at a very critical moment by Hal Jordan.
Abraham was later delivered to the Las Vegas Police Department by Hal and Larfleeze to answer for his crimes as The Predator and has not been heard from since.

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