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Abraham Langstrom was the father of Kirk Langstrom and a powerful business figure in Gotham where he rose to power as a corporate raider. This would see him prey on other companies that he bought and divided in order to make his fortune. He would be the head of Patriarch Biopharmaceuticals and a corporate rival of Thomas Wayne. During these years, he held nothing but disappointment for his son who he felt was weak willed. Despite his competition with Thomas Wayne, Abraham held an admiration for his son Bruce Wayne who he felt shared many ideals as the older Langstrom. At some point, he sold his son's Man-Bat serum to Talia al Ghul in order for her to create her Man-Bat super soldiers. He later refined the serum for himself and transformed himself into Man-Bat where he began terrorizing Gotham with his predatory acts attracting the attention of Batman.

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