The Abomination is Back!

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I absolutely loved him in the recent Hulk film and was glad to see him back in the pages of Chaos War: Incredible Hulks. He's one of my favorite Marvel monsters and his absence during Fall of the Hulks & World War Hulks just didn't feel right.  
Any other fans of Mr. Blonsky?  
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well he is one of hulk greatest enemy so he had to come back since red hulk is a big flop

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I'm hoping he stays around and gets another shot at the Red Hulk.
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good that he is back  consider him hulk's archnemesis.

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I like how all these monsters are returning first doomsday now blonsky.
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The Abomination is one of the only marvel villains i like =P

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@Jake Fury said:

Yeah it was a good read. 
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I'm a longtime Abomination fan and I hope this means he's coming back permanently.  If so, he needs to seriously remove parts of Ross' anatomy and stick them in places the sun has yet to shine on.  Don't get me wrong, the Red Hulk wasn't a bad idea per se, just..he's no Blonsky.

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Yes, one of the "best" Marvel villains, especially one who can battle Hulk toe to toe.  I agree, let Abomination pulverize Red Hulk then go back to more battles between Hulk and Abomination.  Might be what is old is new again--but in this case, it is what I'd like to see!
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I have been waiting for this day for sooo long! i'm so happy he finaly gets ressurected and it seems like he can give the Green scar hulk a chalenge which says alot and that he is even stronger then his classic streangth levels. Lets hope he does'ent jobb because Thor KOing him in 1 shot nad hercules flooring him in 1 shot is compleat and utter PIS no way should they be able to easily take him  out espechial hercules lets hope he puts out alot of cans of whoop ass on the world and its heros maby even fight the juggernaut.
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Very glad to see Abomination back. It is sick he is even stronger then before. I hope he gets some revenge on Red Hulk.

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About time!
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We are the Nation, of Abomination. Nation, of Abomination. Nation of Abomination.  
We are the Nation. Of Abomination.  
i am a big fan, and want him back properly. Should give him a flying brick to chew in as well. Or maybe Skaar.

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I'm an Abomination fan, was good to see him back again, kicking arse and getting the upper hand for once.  Though Modok and the Leader are main enemies of the Hulk, the Abomination should have been his main powerhouse enemy, someone who is like him and he should have been his strong, powerful nemesis, but Marvel weakened him and over the years, they weakened him so much, it got to the point that fans didn't care about him because he was getting beat every time and so fans turned off him, that was wrong, he should have been more than just Hulk's punching bag, should have been one of his greatest enemies, instead of being a chump and a laughing stock, which Marvel turned him into, bet when he was killed by Rulk, no one cared.  He should be brought back with strength restored, then see if Hulk can dominate like he did and also, Abomination should get revenge on Rulk, that's a rematch I'd like to see!  In regards to Rulk, do fans hate because he's Ross, if he became someone else, would fans warm to him?

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@celticcat: I'm not sure, I think it might be because when he first showed up, "Rulk" was overpowered to the point where it seemed like NOBODY could take him! And that made him what's called a "villain sue". If you don't know what that means, it's when a baddies becomes so unbeatable it's just ridiculous! So Now that Ross has been depowered he's still strong but not quite the force of nature he used to be. That actually does make him a more compelling character so while I do want to see him have a rematch with Blonsky I don't want him dead because now that he's been weakened Ross will have to use his cunning rather than brute force and a big gun!

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@Jake Fury said:

@tensor: I'm hoping he stays around and gets another shot at the Red Hulk.

I'm glad to hear he's back, it never made sense to me that they would kill off the one villain in the Marvel Universe who's strong enough to conceivably win a fight with the Hulk, who at times comes across as too strong to be challenged by anyone (which is dull). I never liked the idea of Red Hulk, just seemed lazy to invent a new villain who was literally just a recolored version of Hulk with different abilities, maybe if Ross had become a new Abomination, or his own unique gamma mutant, that could have been interesting, but not as a Hulk clone. Besides, i never understood how Abomination, Hulk's greatest physical foe, could be killed by a gun...I mean, if Ross had a gun that could kill Hulk Level super beings right didn't he just use the damn thing on Banner? XD

I also found it strange that marvel would kill Abomination around the same time he was introduced into the Marvel movie universe in The Incredible Hulk movie that was out at the time, or have him featured in the Avengers cartoon...What's the point of giving screen time to a dead character who's no longer a factor in your comics?

At any rate, I'm glad he's back and I hope they make him stronger than ever so he can better threaten Hulk >8D

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The Abomination is twice stronger than the Hulk ...

Red Hulk never win the Abomination ... his death was meaningless!

(Abomination is my favorite)

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what ever happen to Rick Jones? He dead?

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