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Major Story Arcs

Grendel: War Child

Abner Heath as Intelligence Minister

Abner Heath starts as the Intelligence Minister under Laurel Kennedy, who has taken over as ruler of the Earth after the death of her husband, the first Grendel Khan, Orion Assante. Assante had a son, Jupiter, but he is too young, so Laurel becomes Regent until he is old enough to rule. However, Kennedy tries to keep control for herself, keeping Jupiter in seclusion in South Dakota.

Heath helps her in her machinations, and seems to be her loyal right-hand-man. He is able and intelligent. However, a cyborg named Grendel Prime, created by Orion to take care of Jupiter, kidnaps him and takes him on the run until he is older. Kennedy goes all out to try to get Jupiter back, but eventually it looks like Jupiter and Grendel Prime are killed. With no heir, the world starts to chafe at Kennedy's rule, and Kennedy herself starts to have a mental breakdown. Heath quietly takes over the reigns of power and eventually has Kennedy put into exile into the Dakotas herself.

As Proxy-Regent, Heath now rules the world, and starts to become extravagant. Once he was well-groomed and always wore black suits, seeming to be under complete self-control. After being the ruler of the world for ten years, he grows a beard and long hair, and wears fancy robes. His grasp of power begins to lessen as well, and he believes he can only get true mastery of the world by reactivating the Sun Disc, a powerful weapon created by Orion. However, his scientists can't get it to work.

Finally, Grendel Prime, Jupiter, and a band of rebels attack. It turns out that Grendel Prime had the missing Sun Disc technology in his body all along. He uses it to disable Heath's communication network, and Jupiter is finally able to take over as the true heir to Orion Assante. Heath is forced to commit ritual suicide.

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