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For over ten thousand years, a battle between good and evil has been raging that involves two powerful mystical entities. Fon~Ti is the sorcerer who has dedicated himself to destroying his nemesis, Abner Cadaver, who is actually nothing more than a sentient length of villainous twine. This war has seen each opponent gaining the advantage temporarily, keeping the other in check.

Story Arcs

Wicked Worm

 The most recent victory saw Abner Cadaver having his creation, the Wicked Worm, duplicate itself into the hundreds. These leeches then possessed a weakened Fon~Ti whose energies allowed a new life form to emerge, Horde. The master and apprentice then set about establishing a powerbase within the superhuman-infested city of Chicago, Illinois.


Horde was used to take control of the ressurected and mentally-unstable CyberFace who was then maneuvered so that he could seize leadership of the Vicious Circle. This popular and powerful supervillain was the ideal pawn so that Abner Cadaver and Horde could remain in the background, manipulating events from afar.

Abner Cadaver first rose to prominence within the Vicious Circle as one of the supposedly trusted lieutenants of CyberFace, his colleagues having no idea of his true status. He attempted to extend the life of his puppet further by draining off the life energies of the Undead and instilling it within CyberFace but that succeeded only in making him dangerously unstable.

New Leader

After the Dragon killed CyberFace, Horde stepped in as the new leader with Abner Cadaver again remaining by the leading crimelord’s side. Unfortunately for him, Horde suffered the same fate as his predecessor which caused Abner Cadaver to move in to kill Dragon himself. William Jonson halted this murderous spell and Barbaric proceeded to crush the head of the villain.

The threat of Abner Cadaver continued though as his latest host body meant nothing to him in the grand scheme of things and he merely built a new body using parts of various dead superhumans. He then went to finish off Dragon but by now, Fon~Ti had sufficiently recovered. The restored mystic disintegrated his arch-enemy’s body and sent Abner Cadaver into hiding.

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