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 Mark Hanerfeld
Abel was introduced by Mark Hanerfeld and Bill Draut as the softer brother of Cain in DC Special #4 (dated July/Sept 1969). Abel was soon brought in to the House of Secrets as the host with issue #81. Abel was designed to resemble Mark Hanerfeld himself. 
Like many of the DC horror hosts and characters, Abel was revived in Neil Gaiman's the Sandman as a concept of The Dreaming.

Major Story Arcs

Abel is the brother of Cain from the book of Genesis. Morpheus offered him a place in the Dreaming as an alternative to death. Cain was offered a purpose in the Dreaming too when Abel told Dream that he was lonely. Abel is the keeper of secrets while his older brother, Cain, is the master of mysteries. Abel lives next door to his brother, and has a baby gargoyle named Goldie. Being true to form Cain has killed Abel many times over (many times because he was angry that Able had told another secret), but because Abel in now part of the Dreaming he can not truly die, and always revives after a short period of time. Near the end of the series, before Dream sacrificed himself to the Furies, Able was killed somewhat permanently by the Furies and Hippolyta Hall. However he was later recreated by the new personification of Dream at the behest of his older brother, Cain. Cain still keeps killing Abel. In the 2008 New House of Mystery series Cain gets mad at Abel and kills him with a gun and a bow and arrow and Abel comes back in a week or two from the dead and Cain still gets him in battle with Abel. Abel helped out the main charters from House of Mystery since their house vanished and they played a game called who was killed and who was the killer. After the game ended. Abel made cucumber sandwiches for them. In House of Mystery # 35 the main charters left and went their own ways and only a few stayed behind. Abel's whereabouts now are unknown at this time if he will pop up in the new storyline with the new House of Mystery. You never know at all.


Every time he is killed, he will come back to life. The chances are, though, that in the far future, the last one of his deaths will be permanent.

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