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Abe Brown as the Black Tiger

Abraham Brown grew up in Harlem's mean streets and would eventually take up martial arts to defend himself. The young victim of a hate crime, Abe was inspired to learn kung fu so he would never be beaten up ever again. He met both Lin Sun and Bob Diamond, the other members of the  Sons of the Tiger, at Master Kee's martial arts school. Though they were students together, they would all eventually drift apart after mastering the arts. It wasn't until Master Kee was killed that the Sons of the Tiger was formed.    

Abe has been many times the voice of reason in the group, and often came into conflict with the Bob Diamond. After the disbanding of the group, Abe opened up a martial arts school that teaches freely to the citizens in the ghetto in which it is established. Having stayed on good grounds with Lin Sun, Lin joined Abe in running the school along side Lin's girl Lotus Shinchuko.    
Right after leaving the Sons of the Tiger, Abe took a plane to Casablanca for vacation. The plane was hi-jacked and crashed in a desert in Africa. Abe being one of two survivors, the other one of the hi-jackers, was found by a rebel muslim group. They passed leadership to Abe after he defeated Mole, the surviving hi-jacker, in combat. Mole died by falling into a pit of snakes after being awe struck by Abe catching a bullet with his bare hands. The muslim group named Abe the Black Tiger and followed him into many battles against their enemies. Abe would eventually come back to America and start the martial arts school previously mentioned. 

Abe in Wolverine: Manifest Destiny

More recently Abe has been getting involved with a conflict between Wolverine and a local gang in San Fransisco Chinatown.

Abe Brown is also the older brother to Hobie Brown A.K.A. The Prowler, but he may also have eight older siblings as he mentions them in  Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #8.
During his stunt as a Sons of the Tiger member Abe owned the left paw of a special gold tiger set. It was this paw, after the sons did their motto, that gave Abe hightened strength, agility, and stamina. It should still be noted that even without the amulet, Abe is a fierce martial artist who has caught a bullet with his bare hands.

 Abe catching the bullet



During the time at which Abe Brown was created America was going through the martial arts phase of the 70s. Abe is most likely an homage to such real African-American martial artists like Jim Kelly from Enter the Dragon.   
Jim Kelly from the cover of The Deadily Hands of Kung Fu #3









Alternate Realities


In the House of M reality Abe Brown was a member of Luke Cages Human Resistance Movement.

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