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Abdiel was The First Angel. He was sentenced for a mission to penetrate Malebolgia's realm, The Eighth Sphere of Hell, and terminate him. After Abdiel's mission briefing and initiation into a fallen angel's disguise, he is thrown into the bowels of Hell. Once there, Smuggler eagerly volunteers to be Abdiel's guide to lead him to the layer of the Malebolgia. Along the way he meets Lilith The Grand Duchess of The Eighth Sphere of Hell and she tries to seduce him but is greeted with a brief but fierce battle which attracts the attention of the Malebolgia.

Six months after their meeting Abdiel is still undercover in Hell. Malebolgia has put him in charge of gathering provisions for the welcoming of Al Simmons who is to become the newest Hellspawn. He is told by Angel General Cheriour that the time to attack the Malebolgia is near. After being scorned by friends at Poacher's bar, he returns to Hell during the arrival of Al Simmons, who would soon be turned into Spawn. Abdiel is just about to attack Malebolgia when he is summoned back by general Cheriour. Infuriated, he asks God if he is doing His will. With a resounding "NO" from God, Abdiel is cast into the pits of Hell, set up by the Malebolgia himself.

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