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The historical Jose Custodio de Faria was a pioneer in the field of hypnotism. He was developing the ideas and teachings of Franz Anton Mesmer only he believed that the power of hypnotism did not lie with Mesmer's concept of "animal magnetism" but in the power of suggestion.

Alexandre Dumas fictionalized de Faria in his immortal epic "The Count of Monte Cristo" . When Edmond Dantes is sent to the horrific penal colony at the Chateau D'if he encounters Abbe Faria at first by way of soundings through the stone walls and eventually face to face as they tunnel into one another's cells. The Abbe becomes a mentor to Dantes teaching him science, mathematics, philosophy and foreign languages. He teaches him politics, the mind of the aristocracy as well as fencing. But most importantly he guides Dantes and helps him to channel the immense need for revenge that festers in his heart. Eventually the Abbe also gives Edmond a map to the vast fortune hidden upon the isle of Monte Cristo as well as the opportunity for escape.

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