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In this issue:

"Big Death" by Peter Milligan and David Lloyd

"King Pant" by Jamie Hewlett and Philip Bond

"Mr. X: Windows" - a series of pin-ups

"Bojeffries: Sex With Glinda Bojeffries" by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse

"This Really Happened!" by Bambos Georgiou

"A Death On The Beach" by Phil Elliott

"Pressbutton: A Long Time Dead" by Pedro Henry (Steve Moore) and Glen Fabry

"Sperm Warfare" by Dominic Regan

"Elephant's Graveyard" by Raymond Ward, Dougie Braithwaite, Rex Ward and Hubert Shelley

"Empty Chairs" by Graham Marks, John Bolton and Annie Halfacree

"The Absolutely, Positively Coolest Mr. Monster Story Ever" by Michael T. Gilbert, Dave Dorman, Brian Buniak and Ken Bruzenak

"Firework Night" by Glen Fabry

"Jeepster" by Philip Bond

"Cowboys and Indians" by Al Davison

"Men and Hats" by Barry Windsor-Smith

"Kyrn" by Paul Behrer, Simon Bisley and Bambos Georgiou

"Obsessional" by Kevin McManus, Steve Moore and Shawn McManus

"Comics Are Really Grate" by Gary Pleece, Warren Pleece and Pigboy Zee

"Fortean Times" by Hunt Emerson

"The Talk of Creatures" by Ted McKeever

"About Hermes, Between You and Me" by Eddie Campbell







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