ganthetsward20's A+X #6 - Captain Marvel + Wolverine; The Thing + Gambit review

Playing Cards

For the first half we deal with Wolverine and Captain Marvel and the Second half of the book we have The Thing and Gambit
So we have cards theme and this is only my second time reading the A+X book i read last months issue with Iron Fist and Doop. It seems like these are suppose to just be silly little books but i'm not entirely sure how age appropriate they are or how connect to main continuity.

The first part was pretty funny with the whole astronaut and caveman comparison the two heroes were making, right? I felt that was maybe to easy for the writer though. I wonder if the writer choose he he writes about or is just given two characters and is told to write a simple story. But I really didn't understand the ending. That dude looked like a Celestial and I thought maybe we'd see a cool fight, instead they keep cool and just play cards with him WTF?!?

The second Story is good and revolves around cards too and we see a neat little game between The Thing and Gambit.

IF you go into this issue knowing its just silly then your fine, if your expecting anything to come of it you just wasted $4.


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