dark_noldor's A+X #4 - The Beast + The Amazing Spider-Man: Planet of the Beasts!; Captain America + Quentin Quire - The New Deal?! review

Brainz and Shields

I like team ups a lot, in fact the best thing Marvel did in an after event was to publish this title: it's a great oportunity to the readers glance and enjoy encounters of characters that usually do not meet in the regular bases. Beast and Spidey they do meet from time to time,but Quentin Quire and Captain America,that's an odd partnership.I only wish that the second story was a little longer, it felt a little rushed, it could have had an extra or two pages, especially to show more of Cap's mental help being constructed, but that's ok, it was a very nice short story. Despite the fact that the Beast/Spidey team-up started with the wrong foot -come on, Zombies, and even a "Walking Dead" joke - it grew into a funny-science driven story, where Beast and Spidey are trapped in a land of Beasts and men are no more (just undead looking for Brainz) - Kaare Andrews was the writer and artist of this story, showing a different style of his, it was interesting. Caps/Quire story was way better, had humor, showed Logan and the art of David Lopez was amazing: I highlight a scene where Quire is thinking about breaking into Cap's mind and it's showed to him that the deed wouldn't be so smooth like he thought. The dialogues between the two of them were the right pitch and balance of Cap's constant patriotism and military way of thinking and the rebel, young and sometimes terrorist mind of Quentin's. They reaching a reasoning was fantastic. A light and funny read!


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