A+X #3

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The Good

What I enjoy most about this book is the concept. It's a lot like the MARVEL TEAM-UP books of old, but it follows in the aftermath of a major event. In addition, Avengers teaming up with X-Men, prior to AVENGERS VS X-MEN didn't happen as often as many fans would have liked it to happen, except when Wolverine was appearing in almost every book. Overall, this is a new reader friendly book. In fact, you don't really need any AVX knowledge to enjoy this. These are two, one-shot stories that any fan, young or old, can pick up and dive right into.

Black Panther/Storm

This is a solid place to start for readers interested in Storm and Black Panther's relationship, but don't know where to start. Writer Jason Aaron gives the reader a nice little story dealing a lot with where these characters were and how far they've come. Plus, it helps to start this story off with a pretty darn cool action sequence showing you that Black Panther, although he has no super-powers, is one tough cookie you shouldn't mess with.

Aside from the Black Panther costume, artist Pasqual Ferry and colorist Brian Reber do a very nice job on this story. The opening sequence is very pretty, and Ferry does a wonderful job of showing movement during the fight. You can see the pieces of AIM costume flying off, and although he doesn't have much to work with on the AIM member's faces, just that little slit, Ferry does a great job with emotion here. All you can see are these characters eyes, but you can tell they're in pain from the grimace on their face.


If you like a tale of two cocky super-heroes trying to one-up each other, then this is the story for you. It's a quick, fun one-shot where two of Marvel's characters, who both enjoy wearing a bit of purple now and again, try and save a woman from some weird monster. Of course, they can't do it together. One of them has to be the real savior here.

James Asmus wrote this fun little story, and it's one you'll get through pretty quickly with a big grin on your face. He does a good job at capturing these character's personalities well, and fans of Gambit and Hawkeye will be extremely pleased. The best part, here, has to be the dialogue between Hawkeye and Gambit at the conclusion of the story. There's some very clever, witty dialogue as the two characters bicker back and forth that wraps this story up perfectly.

Billy Tan does a great job on the art with Jim Charalampidis on colors. The story has a very cool, distinct looking style that really fits this book well. I really liked the weird design of the monster here. It's one part frog and one part bulldog. It looks pretty weird and it fits the fun tone of the story.

The Bad

Black Panther/Storm

My biggest complaint is how Pasqual Ferry (artist) and Brian Reber (colors) drew and colored Black Panther. He's just a silhouette of the character with a cape and a necklace. We never get to see any definition of his body or costume, minus one scene where his flying bike lights up his face. Black Panther is such a cool character, and just a bit of definition to his body with use of coloring and shading would have really helped this story because as it stands, he stands out like a sore thumb.

The second half of this story was a tad dull for me. Nothing really happens, and it mainly focuses on Black Panther and Storm's history. While this may be great for new readers, I found like I was in the middle of a recap of the past 6 years of their lives.


It seemed like every background character always had their mouth open. That's pretty much my only, nit-picky complaint.

The Verdict

Black Panther/Storm - 3/5

The opening kicked off with a bang, but I found myself getting a tad bored from there. Aaron's writing is solid, and I enjoyed Ferry's art, except for how he and colorist Reber drew Black Panther. If you've ever been interested in the history of these two characters, then this is a good place to jump on since they jump into their history pretty deeply and where these characters stand now. Older readers may find the recap of Storm and Black Panther a bit redundant though.

Hawkeye/Gambit - 4.5/5

This story was a ton of fun and Asmus' writing and dialogue were great. Billy Tan's art was a hit, and overall, it was just a really fun story. Any complaints about this book I have are incredibly nit-picky, since the story as a whole was just so much fun.

It's a one-shot story that is half an issue long, and this is a great example of what to do with that space. It's flows incredibly well.

Overall - 4/5

A+X #3 was pretty good, surprisingly good, in fact. I like the concept of this book and both stories were a nice read. Overall, I give this issue a recommendation.


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