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Good kissers and a cold

Rogue and Black Widow band together to take down a sentinel while Kitty Pryde and Iron Man fight some Brood. Pretty much it for a synopsis, bro.

What I Liked:

  • I honestly liked Bachalos' art for the most part in the first story. His backgrounds are nicely detailed and inked, and I thought he did a good job writing and drawing Rogue.
  • After reading both stories, I wanted more of Kitty/Iron Man and Black Widow/Rogue. The two characters played off well with each other and the dialogue between them was good.
  • Black Widow and Rogue Kiss.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Black Widows' characterization is a little questionable; she has more of a pampered attitude than a cold, ruthless assassin attitude.
  • The art style in the second story was really hit-or-miss. On one hand, it is nice to see some art that we rarely see in marvel comics that does separate itself from the rest. On the other hand it does come across as really odd at some points ( Kitty looks like she stepped off of a Tim Burton animated film), not odd enough to ruin the issue but it was kind of a distraction.
  • The last-minute exposition by Rogue at the last panel of the Rogue/Widow story was too much to swallow and a little late to care.

Verdict: I had fun with this issue despite a few quirks. Check it out!


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    Exactly what I was expecting. A+X issue 2 brings mediocrity to new heights, with it's pointless plots, poor characterization and, well, being generally uninteresting. Marvel Now! has thus far failed utterly to impress me, and this issue was, unsurprisingly, no exception.2/5, don't bother....

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    The Black Widow is enjoying her day off in a beauty parlor until suddenly the place is under attack by a Sentinel. She battles the robot with little success until she receives help from Rogue, whom is now an Avenger just like her. Why is the Sentinel there wreaking havoc? This is something Widow wants to find out. -summaryI have no trouble admitting that Avengers Vs. X-Men (AVX) wasn't really a good story at all, in fact, it was the crossovers that were actually entertaining and for me even save...

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