spacey's A-Team: War Stories: Face #1 - Quid Pro, Bro review

Facing the Consequences

I love the A-Team, and I love Face. He's so suave and so good at his job on the show that it's easy to believe that he can charm anybody into giving him anything. How does that charm fare when he has to acquire a racing bike in the middle of a war zone? Let's break it down: 
Right away I can definitely say that this comic does a great job of preserving the character of Face. He was always the least conscientious and most self-interested character on the team, and that element of his character really came through in this book. However, despite being an unrepentant con man, he still always did the right thing when it counted, and that element of his character came through in the rescue of Aliyyah. The plot of this comic works pretty well for Face. It's almost unbelievable what he's able to scrounge, but then the whole show seemed to run on the barely believable. For Face, this sort of quasi-legal, desperation-tinged story is exactly the sort of story that can display his skill set to the fullest.  
The art was, in my opinion, a little inconsistent. This was perhaps most notable with Face's...  well, face, the art for which seems to morph faster than he can talk himself out of trouble, which is saying a hell of a lot. The perspective and sizing of characters and objects on the panels also felt a little off on some occasions. Not horrible, just a little... disconcerting in places.     
I enjoyed this comic. It wasn't the best, but it was a good introduction to Face. Do I feel that this comic succeeds in what it sets out to do? Yes. Would I recommend it to people who liked the show? Sure; if you're like me you'll love to see Face doing what he does best. Would I recommend it to someone who doesn't know the team? I suppose so, but I probably wouldn't choose Face as the first character to introduce someone to the A-Team. This comic gives a good feel for the character, but not really a feel for the show or movie as a whole. However, if you liked the movie or the show you should definitely give this comic a read, it's worth it.    

Posted by Mr.Q
was totally unaware that they had A-Team comics. but not surprised. I would imagine that in a comic they could get away with more than they did on the old 80's TV show. you plead a good case but I will ask one question. when they shot at each other does anyone get hit? 
Posted by Spacey

That's one of the biggest differences between the newer version of the A-Team and the original. When they shoot someone or there's a car crash or anything, people actually get hurt, occasionally they even die! 

Posted by Mr.Q
@Spacey: sold.

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