grim's A-Team: Shotgun Wedding #1 review

Cool idea

 As a major fan of the A-team tv show, my biggest concern with the upcoming movie is that it wont feel the same. I understand that the characters will look and sound differently, but im worried that the movie will miss the overall mark that the 5 season tv show painted. 
 This comic was a fantastic way to at least ease slightly quell that fear. 
 The comic has the classic feel of the show teamed with the more current times and upcoming characters. 
 I was concerned about two things in the upcoming film, and both of them where addressed in this comic. One was if the movie would follow the lead of the show and have actual deaths (something i was kinda hoping the wouldn't do just becuase i likes me some blood and gore). But then a snowmobile riding henchman was shot dirrectly between the eyes, and that put an end to that concern in a splendid fashion. 
 Th eother concern was if they would employ the "Drug B.A. to get him on a plane" gag. And they did.
 To someone who's not really a fan of the show, these are trivial little issues. But for me they are key parts of the A-Team puzzle.
 Still, as interesting as the comic was, it was for me, it didnt do much more than show that the idea of the A-team wasnt completely lost and diluted in the last 24 years. weather it will remain epic and unruined remains up to the movie, though the next issue may show more of the NEW A-TEAM's style.


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