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The story begins in Hell where all of it started, Susano is met by Remiel of the Seraphim, they discuss the current condition of Hell and other whats not, this happening before we pan to the former lord of hell himself, Lucifer. No longer a demon nor lord of hell nor angel of heaven above, he is but a normal man eating his omelet. It is here when he explains to Mazikeen, he has received a letter from God and because of this wishes to pay a visit to Meleos and ask him for a Six Card Spread. Meanwhile the Basano's warn Meleos of Lucifer's return to his shop.

Lucifer makes his way to the shop when a young prostitute offers him "something abit fresher", he than warns her of the impending death of her father. Whether or not he played a hand in it or not is unseen but what is seen in Lucifer entering the Meleo's shop and asking for a Six Card Spread. He then leaves and kills a bird for it's blood to play into the divination whilst Meleos prepares the cards for the Devil himself but soon he is wounded by their sheer power.

Meleos regains his strength whilst Lucifer has Mazikeen bleed on a few leaves as a part of a greater ritual. Later, Lucifer is than seen on the steps which Meleos is climbing, staring down at him for disobeying him. He explains he did'nt want to set them free, he wanted to kill them but they over-powered him. Lucifer's punishment for Meleos is all the ink that Meleos has written in book upon book runs. All his work is gone.

Lucifer and Mazikeen then head to a magic show they were invited to earlier, It is here when the Magicians assistant who has been both blessed and cursed by the cards performs a magic act the likes of which have never been seen. It is then when Lucifer sees the Lightbringer and has Mazikeen hit with a knife, it's later on when Lucifer creates "The Void", his own dimension.

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