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For nearly a millennium, undead creatures have blended into a Europe heavy with religious dogma and intolerance. These beasts of the night allied themselves with factions of mortal men who aimed at shaking the foundations of the Catholic Church and freeing society from its strangling grip. But always were their true natures hidden, often even from even each other. The world was unable and unwilling to accept the existence of extra-mortal beings. A Midnight Opera is the story of two undead brothers Ein and Leroux DeLaLune, who are divided in this epic struggle and who are forced to reconcile their differences in the modern day to stop an open assault on mankind by the dissatisfied elements among the rest of the undead.

Volume 1 focuses on Ein, who fled his brethren in the early 19th century only to surface early in the 21st century as an underground goth metal sensation. But with his newfound fame comes the exposure that brings all the demons from his past. And the Ein who wanted simply to pursue a life of music and love will find that he may have no other choice but to forsake both and assume the weight of all salvation on his shoulders.







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