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Bunny Gets Creative

Bunny is famous for his hundreds of suicide attempts. Though he kills himself on every page of The Book Of Bunny Suicides, he is always alive on the next page. He is often accompanied by one or more other rabbits, with equally suicidal tendencies. Aside from obvious, slapstick style deaths, some of Bunny's suicide attempts stop a frame shy of showing the reader exactly how he kills himself, leaving the audience to imagine what happens next. Some of his suicide attempts also include pop culture references, for example Bunny's death at the hands of Darth Vader.

Bunny's suicides are also sometimes depicted after-the-fact. A good example of this is a strip which features a bee's nest in a tree, with dead Bunny lying at the foot of it next to a catapult. Such clever use of suggestion in the comic strip ensures that it is never gory, and rarely graphic, even though some of Bunny's deaths are horrendously violent.

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