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  • Evil Aqua - he first of the 7 Weapons of the Demon Emperor used. Neuro summons 7 fish-like cannons, 6 which are smaller support cannons, and blasts a huge laser onto the target. Neuro notes that the power of Evil Aqua is considerably weaker in the human world than the demon world. Neuro transforms into his demon form when using this move, sporting his demon face and wing-like arms.
  • Evil Flyer - Neuro uses this to fly over to Sicks' fighter jet after Sicks attempts to flee. Despite Neuro's depleting demonic energy at that time, it was able to last long enough to get him to the designated location.
  • Evil Metal - First used during Neuro and Sicks' final battle. It is a blade that does not have a process which creates cuts, but produces the cut itself, making it virtually unblockable, as there is nothing to block. It is Neuro's strongest attack that he claims it can even kill the Demon Emperor.
  • Evil Mud - Neuro summons a giant cyclops-like creature. Evil Mud has a star-shaped symbol at the bottom portion of its body. Neuro describes it as a tenacious golem with enough power to destroy a city. Evil Mud can be broken down to smaller pieces when used with Evil Carpenter. Neuro does this in his fight with DR to seal the holes DR made on the dams. During Valentines day, Yako's chocolate was secretly mixed with some of the Demon World mud which can give a nourishment boost and comically enhances a body with physical strength for a period of time.
  • Evil Tree - Neuro summons a giant plant that travels underground and emerges under a specified location. It is seen with a large green bud in the center with about 12-13 long monstrous heads emerging from the base of the plant. The tree can be used to attack and support.

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