razzatazz's 52 #46 - Mad Science; The Origin of Batman review

Destruction of will

So close to the end of the series and it loses a fair piece of momentum here.  For the third straight issue this one focuses primarily on a battle involving Black Adam, this time against the scientists on Oolong Island.  This is built up to for about the first half of the issue but then doesn't really deliver.  There is some interesting exchanges between certain scientists, but the climactic battle fell a little flat.  Elsewhere the end state of the Luthor Everyman project seems to be at hand, but this isn't particularly gripping either.  The short deliberations of the Justice Society are seemingly not very relevant either.  With now only six issues to go it still seems like there is a lot to be worked out here, it just doesn't seem like it is getting there really with this issue. 


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