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The horsemen have come... The end is near! Natasha becomes suspicious of her Uncle and contacts her uncle. Renee tries to get Question to Nanda Parbat before he dies. It looks like she may be too late.

Week 38, Day 1.

Renee Montoya and Question travel towards Nanda Parbat. Question is fading fast, and requires constant morphine, and Renee's confidence wavers as she realizes that she doesn't even know how to get there.

Week 38, Day 2.

Oolong Island.

After his medications are taken from him, Will Magnus is finally working on the project he was brough to the island for - the destructive Plutonium Man. T.O. Morrow praises his friend for his work, and tells Magnus that he must go to the unveiling of the Four Horsemen that is set to happen that evening.

Chang Tzu, Will Magnus, T.O. Morrow, Veronica Cale and Dr. Sivana are present for the unveiling. As the monsters are revealed, Cale whispers "What have we made?" Chang Tzu reads from the Crime Bible as he introduces three of the Four Horsemen: Azraeuz, Death - a terror with the skull of a giant bull for a head, glowing red eyes, a spiny back and great, feathery wings, as well as furry, horselike legs and a scythe. Roggra, War - a giant robot mounted with machine guns and glowing red eyes. Zorrm, Pestilence - a giant man-shaped creature dressed in black with canisters strapped to his back and connected to his cannonlike arms. Zorrm has a man-like face void of skin, with no lips over grinning teeth and one single glowing red eye.

The last Horseman, Famine, is conspicuously absent and Chang Tzu reveals that Yuurd the Unknown has already gone.

Week 38, Day 3.

Renee is running out of morphine for the ailing Question. She drags him through the snow in a sled, making for a high mountainous city. No one in the city seems to be able to help her reach Nanda Parbat, and Question is becoming increasingly combatative and in pain.

Week 38, Day 4.


Steel, along with a few doctors and Beast Boy, are examining the body of one of Luthor's dead Everymen. Steel wants to prove that it was indeed Luthor who shut off the powers of his superheroes, and how he did it.

Natasha communicates with her Uncle through a robotic bug, and tells him that she finally accepts his suspicions and that she's going to try to gather information from the inside.

Week 38, Day 5.

Renee has run out of morphine, and Question is becoming increasingly worse. Renee is still dragging her friend through the snowy mountains on a sled. A storm ravages the mountains and Renee tries to keep Question warm by putting on his protoskin mask. Renee loses her grip on the sled and finds that Charlie has fallen out of it, the mask is soaked in blood. Renee tears it off and finds that Charlie is finally having a lucid moment. Charlie (Question) asks Renee what the hell she's doing, and tells her that she can't save him. Charlie poses his last question to Renee - "It's a trick question Renee... not who are you... but who are you going to become?" Question dies in Renee's arms.

Includes the Origin of the Red Tornado.

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