aztek_the_lost's 52 #3 - New World Order; The History of the DC Universe, Part Two review

Black Adam

I really enjoyed this edition to the 52 series, as in this one the story focused around one of my favorite anti-heroes, Black Adam, and shows how he hopes to reshape the world.

The developments involving Steel and Lex Luthor were not so interesting, but simply make you wonder what there future meetings will involve.

However, back to Black Adam, throughout the issue the reader wonders what side he really fights for, whether at the point where he threatens Power Girl's life as she tries to bring Terra-Man to justice.

Then only a few moments later, representatives of the Intergang offer him wealth and alien technologies, along with the Egyptian virgin (Isis) yet he turns them down, crushing one of their skulls.

Finally, the story finishes with him making an appearance at his New York embassy alongside Terra-Man. He begins a speech on values and then slaughters Terra-Man saying that it is time for heroes who are willing to change the world.

This entire development kept me wondering up until the very end and in my opinion was an awesome development for the Black Adam character.

Posted by Mach

i too enjoyed it , it's like i said " Wow this is the ride !" between 52 and count down it's just been a blast , i hop d.c. can keep it up .this going to one great comics.

Snooch to the booch Mach

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