razzatazz's 52 #2 - Looking Back at Tomorrow; The History of the DC Universe, Part One review

You said north right?

As can be expected of the series as a whole, the first issue served to introduce a lot of divergent storylines which will eventually come together, whereas this issue puts some of the stories into play a bit more effectively.  The action  here focuses on Booster, Ralph and Renee mostly although there is an interesting part with Doctors Magnus and Morrow.  In short Skeets is still malfunctioning, Ralph has found the gravestone of Sue defaced and he is pretty sure of the cause, and Renee is visited for the first time by the Question.  The backup story starts the running commentary by Donna troy on the history of the DC universe.  Overall a pretty entertaining issue.  It is not to the level which it likely will be yet, but with 50 more issues to go it will find its place.  

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