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I am glad to say that once again DC does not disappoint and that I am enjoying the 52 series. I enjoy the fact that this series brings the focus onto the less "important" heroes like Question, Booster Gold and Elongated Man.

I am intrigued by the thoughts of Professor T O Morrow and his relationship with Will Magnus. I really want to see what becomes of these "kidnapped" mad scientists.

I am also liking the mystery of Skeets and how somehow is presumambly messing up the time stream.

To add to this entire story I liked the origin of the DC Universe short at the end of the comic as it helps explain the multiverse of DC.


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    You said north right? 0

    As can be expected of the series as a whole, the first issue served to introduce a lot of divergent storylines which will eventually come together, whereas this issue puts some of the stories into play a bit more effectively.  The action  here focuses on Booster, Ralph and Renee mostly although there is an interesting part with Doctors Magnus and Morrow.  In short Skeets is still malfunctioning, Ralph has found the gravestone of Sue defaced and he is pretty sure of the cause, and Renee is visite...

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