razzatazz's 52 #16 - Uhebbuki; The Origin of Black Adam review

Messing with your feelings

Although this series has been entertaining thus far and generally well written, this is really the first standout issue of the series.  The story here focuses around the wedding of Black Adam and Isis.  While that part was handled well enough it was not really the main focus here.  The main focus instead lies on Renee and Vic.  That Renee figured out there was going to be a suicide bombing based on the fact that there was rat poison in the Intergang compound was quite clever.  The difficult choice she has to make after though is one of those ones which no one is ever really sure of what to do.  Incidentally I read another story along the same lines recently elsewhere (in Uncanny X-Force) but the setup and execution were much better here.  The climactic moment here was one of those ones where your eyes betray you and try to jump ahead on the page to find out what is going to happen before your reading catches up.  


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