razzatazz's 52 #14 - Sand and Rust; The Origin of Metamorpho review

A lovely thought

Again focusing on only two of the ongoing plots in the series, here the story focuses on first John Henry as the advanced state of his condition is revealed as well as what he feels about Natasha.  The other part of the story and what took up most of the issue was the Renee/Vic storyline which now finds them in Kahndaq on the trail of Intergang.  At this point this is the series' best accomplishment as I felt that Renee started off being portrayed in a pretty weak manner but now with Vic to play off of and as she can serve as a straight man (straight woman) for his paranoid comments also adds an interesting depth to the story.  As opposed to previous issues, this one focuses mostly on the plot and not so much the characters though and therefore seems a bit more formulaic, but it was still pulled off well.  

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