razzatazz's 52 #13 - Haystack; The Origin of Elongated Man review

Nothing escapes

By this point the series has taken a bit of a different strategy.  Although with the companion Donna Troy backup story no longer running, the series is taken more space to tell fewer stories.  This means that the stories themselves are running with more depth, but still there are a few plot elements that haven't been touched on recently here.  Nonetheless this turns out to be a pretty solid issue.  As with the last issue the action focuses on two main areas, Khandaq and the Cult of Conner.  The part focusing on Black Adam and Isis was handled well enough, but really it is the other part that more or less details Ralph's descent into madness which really makes this issue so compelling.  As his friends and colleagues watch him at the resurrection ceremony they go through a few interesting conversations until the end sad result.  The backup story on the origin of the Elongated Man only serves to complement this all.  


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