razzatazz's 52 #11 - Batwoman Begins!; The History of the DC Universe, Part Ten review

A furry brick

So far this series has fluctuated between having too many stories to having the right amount.  In this case it goes to new territory, by only focusing on two of the plots running through the series, the Question and Renee plot, and the Ralph versus the Cult of Conner plot.  This works really well here as the two plots which had been dragging a little get a huge boost.  Foremost among that is the first plot.  Thus far Renee has come off as slightly weak character, but here some depth to her character finally starts to get added in, especially so with her interplay with Kate and Vic.  Vic himself is at his paranoid best here, explaining the myriad of problems with smoking to Renee.  The action also kicks in quite well towards the end.  In the other story Ralph has kind of fallen pretty far, and it shows here, but things are not necessarily getting better for him.  The backup story here with Donna Troy examines Infinite Crisis, but this ends on a more dramatic and relevant note than I saw coming.  Pretty good issue overall.  


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