Unknown Sectors?

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After reading Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, I came across a review for the title and a point was made that I tend to agree with.  There should be no unknown sectors of space.  As has always been described, the universe is like a pie with Oa at the center and the sectors spreading out from Oa like slices of that pie, thus there are 3600 slices or sectors of space.  There should be know unknown space surrounding Oa.  The Guardians are practically the oldest living beings in the universe.  They searched the universe in an effort to put an end to magic so that science would prevail.  They have a Corps patrolling the entire known universe.  How can there be unknown sectors?   
Now I'm not disagreeing with the use of the term 'unknown', but rather it preceding the term 'sector'.  The sectors have been mapped out. All sectors surround Oa, all sectors meet at Oa which is why it's said a Green Lantern is effectively patrolling his/her home sector while on Oa, and basically all sectors spread out infinitely from there.  But even for the Guardians' vast knowledge and longevity, I still don't believe they know everything about the universe, which is why I would think it would be better to say there are unknown 'regions' of sectors, the universe beyond what the Guardians have learned.   
There really is no need to add confusion to this part of the Green Lantern mythos.  It's pretty much as straight-forward as you can get and probably the easiest thing about the GL mythos to understand.   ;)

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I agree rather dumb those so called all powerful all knowing Guardians had since the birth of existence to explore space their should be no stones left un turned 

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@~The Wanderer~:  not in this case, if you need a comparison, think of Oa as your house and for anyone, the house is the center of everything.  You know of everything around your house, you know your yard and from there, you know your neighborhood, and from there you know your town and from anywhere you know how to get back to your house.  You may not know of anything beyond your town, but you do know your immediate surroundings.  
There's an old saying, 'All roads lead to Rome'.  The Roman Empire was vast and, yes, within the Empire all roads did lead to Rome, the center of the Empire.   Well, here, All sectors lead to Oa, the center of the universe.  The Guardians know of everything surrounding Oa and have charted that throughout a certain distance from Oa.  Beyond that point would be the unknown.  Sseeing as how all sectors converge on Oa, I doubt there are unknown 'sectors' of space.  That would be like saying there's a part of your yard you don't know about.
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@~The Wanderer~ said:
" Sci Fi Writers Have No Sense Of Scale. Logically speaking, the absolute majority of the universe should be 'unknown regions/sectors' of space. "
Agreed on the sense of scale. By Johns's book, there are at least three sectors passing through just the milky way galaxy. The way the sectors have been set up, there should be thousands of galaxies per sector.
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@ASKwhy: Good point.  I guess what I was trying to say is that the town, so to speak, that the Guardians know about, is just a small part of the DC universe, and that everything else would technically be "unknown regions".
@AtPhantom: Agreed.  Or they should start acknowledging that the sectors only cover a very limited part of the universe.
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Just to ask, where do they exactly mention unknown sectors? I don't recall anyone talking about them lately.

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@AtPhantom: Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1

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