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 Why I oughta...
Chris Evans is Captain America? Big deal.   The real comics casting call that’s going to whip the fan community into a raucous frenzy will be over who should play Popeye.  See, that irascible spinach-loving sailor will be getting his own feature film down the road, according to Empire. Avi Arad, the main who brought Marvel up into its current status as a bonafide multi-media superpower is producing this 3D CG animated project.

I’ve always had a soft-spot for Popeye. Perhaps it’s the fact the only green I actually enjoy eating is spinach (and man, you have to be careful about eating too much of that stuff. Ewwwww…).  I think it has more to do with the character’s dichotomy. He’s a goofy guy who gets into all sort of goofy situations, but he’s still more or less a real life sailor, rough edges and all. I mean, the guy cursed like a sailor in the original comic strips by E.E. Segar before he had to clean up his act.   And, in a bit of meta-fiction, he actually enlisted in the Navy and fought the Japanese during World War II.  So he’s dangerous as far as cartoon characters go. 

 The last attempt.

This is sort of coming on the heels of the announcement of the new Smurfs movie over the past couple weeks (although this won’t integrate live action).  While I think the Smurfs have a better shot at reaching kids today, I’m not sure how well Popeye’ll speak to modern children. Will they accept such a knucklehead into their hearts?   There, of course, already was that bizarre live action musical movie from the 80s that starred Robin Williams.


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Very cool - i was a fan of the Robin Williams version of the movie. 
Looking forward to more news about this project....

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Not to sound negative but, is Popeye even relevant anymore? I haven't heard a thing about him since the movie from the early 80s. Will this even offer a draw for people under 30? I suppose parents might introduce their very young kids to him but I have a sinking feeling that the idea is not going to have a huge impact on the movie-viewing community. 
I kind of hope I'm wrong though. I loved watching Popeye reruns growing up - right next to Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther, Mighty Mouse and Looney Tunes. Oh yeah and Deputy Dog! lol
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AAGUGUG AAGUGUG!!!! (guess the Popeye laugh work when you type it)

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They might want to start playing the cartoon on tv so kids can remember or at least see popeye again because some kids have no idea who popeye is. But I wouldn't mind seeing popeye on the big screen ^__^ I was a fan of the series growing up.

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@Mr. Dead Pool said:
" AAGUGUG AAGUGUG!!!! (guess the Popeye laugh work when you type it) "
at first I thought you were choking on milk
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 The Office, I mean The Perfect Popeye Cast: 
Jim Halpert = Popeye 
Pam Beasly = Olive 
Roy Anderson = Bluto 
Michael Scott = Wimpy the Hamburger Guy 
Pam's New Baby = Swee'pea  

"I would gladly pay you Tuesday for some Meaty Burgers today!"   
"That's what she said!"
Tell me that doesn't remind you of Michael Scott.
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Hamburger Guy's name is Wimpy
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@Mr. Dead Pool said:
"@Jordanstine: Hamburger Guy's name is Wimpy "

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@MrCipher said:
"Not to sound negative but, is Popeye even relevant anymore? I haven't heard a thing about him since the movie from the early 80s. Will this even offer a draw for people under 30?"

I'm under 30! I would watch it... 
Actually in Mexico City there's theme park where Popeye is a character to get autographs from and take pictures with... Kind of like the characters in Disneyland! :)
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What is with all these old cartoons becoming movies now? Smurfs? Speedy Gonzales? Marmaduke? Now this? I wasn't a fan of any of them growing up. Now if they made a Wacky Races movie like Cannon Ball Run, Herculoids, Huckleberry Hound or Quickdraw McGraw I'd see that.

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Popeye is the original, now and forever more.

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Welcome back Popeye.

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won't see it. dont care

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Thats excellent to hear Sora. I hope you're among the majority of people in your age group and younger. I enjoyed popeye growing up and it would be nice to have some of that innocence transfer to the youngest generations right now. There's a lot of jaded kids out there today. 
Yeah popeye was absolutely violent, but he is still a hero, not some black coat and sunglass wearing vigilante with questionable ethics - just a good old-fashioned guy who sticks up for the weak. And besides, Bluto deserved every beating he got!
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I enjoy Popeye because he solves all of his problems with VIOLENCE.

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a new Popeye movie ? now thats awesome...
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Popeye, from E.C Segar, is one of the grandest legends of comics. The Williams-Duvall-Altman musical is a spectacular favorite. 
Marvel has been a bonafide multimedia power since before Spiderman did whatever a spider can. For the colossal most part, Avi Arad has done many good things in his tenure of bringing Marvel to movies and television. The bad things, such as the idea to adapt the new X-Men instead of the originals, and in the manner they were brought to the screen, can't really be said to have been fully his own error. However, things can always improve. 
Reboot the X-Men, meaning adapt the originals. 
Make "Daredevil and Elektra", a sequel to their previous movies, starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, with Jon Favreau, and even ask Ben or Jon to direct. 
Consider a live-action series. The Fantastic Four or Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., or Deathlok, or Cable, or Patsy Walker / Hell-Cat, or She-Hulk ( !! ). 
But, for the most part, his track record has been pretty stellar for getting Hollywood productions made of Marvel comic titles. 
Popeye is another tall order. Let's get it right. We'll have to wait to see how this develops...

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Stupid question but why is this under 300? O.o

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I don't think they should make the movie to try to "appeal to kids today". Popeye is still one of the best cartoons of all time, and I think staying true to the original and reintroducing him, rather than watering him down and modernizing him, is a much better idea. Possibly even make a throwback for older folks. 45-55 year-olds are the largest demographic, after all (don't quote me on that, I'm guessing because 45-50 was largest and 40-45 was 2nd largest 4 years ago).

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WOW I remember watching the 80's movie when I was a kid. I had no idea that was Robin Williams

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 i like the idea of a Popey Movie.. but i'd much rather it be a live action film. 
 Idk. It just seems like CGI films only really work when the main character isnt human. I think thats the reason most CGI films are about dogs and robots and stuff. I'm sure someone can probably point one out, but i cant even think of a all human CGI film, let alone one that did well.  they all just come across as too goofy. and im not saying Popey is super serious.... but he's more silent film than loony toon.
 and yeah, someone already stated my other concern. I dont want Popey to be for kids. Kids like Spongebob and and crap. All the shows kids watch now days are crap or rehashed good stuff... that gets rehashed into crap. Power rangers. Pokemon.Yiu Gi oh. All good 6-10 years ago. all crap now. you could not get a majority of children to watch shows like Pink Panther, Inspector Gadget, Salute your Shorts, or any of those old epics now. Not when they've been raised on shows that appeal to their inner idiot.
 Idk. just.... before all this crap started being produced, there where no "kids shows". There where cartoons, toddler shows, adult shows, and shows for everyone. But these last 6 and 7years have been about making shows that 6 year olds could zombie out in front of. Everything now would rather be visually stimulating then have a good message and solid story, and its making a different kind of kid than the media products of every generation before us. and not in too great a way.

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What's next "Gem & The Holograms: The Movie"?    They should really get some new writers in Hollywood since they are running out of old franchises to ruin. 

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