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Cover: Mick Austin (stars of 2000AD)

  • Judge Dredd - Virtual Unreality (John Wagner - John Burns)
  • Tharg the Mighty - Guess who's coming to Breakfast (Tharg the Mighty - Eric Bradbury)
  • Covers of 1992 (article)
  • Tyranny Rex - Bitter Fruit (John Smith - Paul Marshall)
  • Luke Kirby - Trick or Treat (Alan McKenzie - John Ridgway)
  • Tharg's Future Shocks - Conversation Piece! (Neil Gaiman - David Wyatt)
  • The Burning Man (art: Carlos Ezquerra)
  • Sam Slade: Robo Hunter - Slade Runner (Peter Hogan - Rian Hughes)
  • The Clown - Vale of Tears (Igor Goldkind - Greg Staples)
  • Ro-Busters - Death on the Orient Express (reprint from 2000ad progs 86 and 87) (Pat Mills - Dave Gibbons)
  • Young Dave - The Adventures of Big Dave when he was a Nipper (Grant Morrison and Mark Millar - Steve Parkhouse)
  • Droid profile - Steve Parkhouse (interview)
  • Tharg's Terror Tales - Meat is Meat (Alan McKenzie (using the pseudonym 'Sydney Falco') - Mick Austin)
  • Droid profile - John Ridgway (interview)
  • D.R. and Quinch - Get Back to Nature (reprint from the 2000ad Sci-Fi Special 1985) (Alan Moore - Alan Davies)
  • Droid profile - Rian Hughes (interview)
  • Rogue Trooper - Give War a Chance (Mark Millar - David Hill)

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