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Some of the 2000AD Winter Specials had a specific theme running throughout - the theme of this special is humour.

Cover: Simon Bisley (the stars of 2000AD)

Inside front cover: Dougie Braithwaite (Judge Dredd)

  • Judge Dredd - Christmas is Cancelled (Mark Millar - Brett Ewins)
  • Tharg the Mighty - The Last Laugh (TMO - Carlos Ezquerra)
  • Where are they now? - Walter the Wobot (Art: Simon Jacob)
  • Zenith - A Tale of the Alternative Earths (illustrated text story) (Mark Millar - Simon Coleby)
  • Fervent and Lobe - Holiday on Ice (John Smith - Mike Hadley)
  • Where are they now? Abelard Snazz (Art: Mike White)
  • Tharg's Future Shocks - The Tomb (Nick Barber - Kamilvski)
  • Bradley - The Social Worker (Alan McKenzie - Simon Harrison)
  • Where are they now? Max Normal (Art: Will Simpson)
  • Tharg's Future Shocks - How to write a Future Shock (TMO - Eric Bradbury)
  • Bix Barton - The Disproportionate Man (Peter Milligan - Jim McCarthy)
  • Backcover poster: Tharg the Mighty (art: Steve Yeowell)

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