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Cover: Dave Gibbons (cast of 2000ad)

Contents page - Tharg (art: Robin Smith)

  • Sam Slade: Robo-Hunter - Hoagy's First Case (Alan Grant - Ian Gibson)
  • Puzzle page
  • Judge Anderson - The Haunting (Alan Grant - Kim Raymond)
  • Interview - Billy Dee Williams
  • Home is Where the Micro is (article on home computing)
  • Bonjo From Beyond the Stars (reprint from 2000ad progs 41-50) (Kevin O'Neill)
  • Invasion! - Jump Jet (reprint from 2000ad prog 36) (Chris Lowder - Ian Kennedy)
  • Skizz - How he came to be (article)
  • Judge Dredd - Billy Jones (reprint from 2000ad prog 38) (John Wagner - Ian Gibson)
  • Rogue Trooper - First of the Few (Alan Moore - Jesus Redondo)
  • Flesh - book one (parts 4 to 7) (reprint from 2000ad progs 4 to 7) (Ken Armstrong and Kelvin Gosnell - Ramon Sola)
  • 2000ad Fear-File - War Marshal Kazan (art: Carlos Ezquerra)
  • Judge Dredd - The Beast in 24B (Alan Grant - Robin Smith)
  • 2000ad Fear-File - Artie Gruber (art: Massimo Belardinelli)
  • Tharg's Mega Crossword (puzzle page)
  • A Day in the Death of Torquemad (Pat Mills - Kevin O'Neill)
  • Meet the Droids (article)
  • 2000ad Fear-File - Traitor General (art: Cam Kennedy)
  • Ace Trucking Co. (guide to the ship and crew - art: Massimo Belardinelli)
  • Tharg's Future Shocks - Solo Flip (reprint from 2000ad prog 52) (Chris Lowder - Brian Bolland)
  • Ro-Busters - 'untitled' (Alan Moore - Joe Eckers)
  • Ask Tharg (article)
  • How a 2000ad cover is created! (article)
  • Tharg's Top Ten Cover Stars (article)
  • Movie quiz
  • 2000ad Fear-File - Tiger Commander (art: Massimo Belardinelli)
  • 2000ad Fear-File - Warden Worldwise (art: Alan Davis)
  • Daily Star Dredd (x6) (John Wagner and Alan Grant - Ron Smith)
  • Great Monsters of 2000ad (article)
  • Strontium Dog - The Iraldi Job (illustrated text story) (John Wagner - Robin Smith)

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