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"Lest Night Fall-Forever!"

Orion storms an Apokolips stronghold on Earth, running headlong into Kalibak, inexplicably alive after their last conflict. In the heat of battle, Orion's mind wanders, to an earlier homecoming on New Genesis. Returning from a scouting mission to Apokolips, Orion reported that the war was heating up again. As if on cue, a squadron of Parademons descended on New Genesis. Orion, Big Barda, and Mister Miracle held off the Parademons long enough for Metron to open a Boom Tube, that transported the attacking forces back to Apokolips. Orion was sent to Earth to engage the forces of Apokolips, which brings him back to his battle with Kalibak. Orion uses the Astro-Force to destroy the flooring beneath Kalibak's feet, dispatching the titan with a long fall. Orion enters the next chamber to find Granny Goodness waiting for him. Granny Goodness blasts Orion into unconsciousness, then has him carried away to Apokolips. Metron transports Izaya to the Source Wall, where the Written Word has carved another prophecy upon it's surface. Spying on Apokolips through a Boom Tube, Izaya and Metron learn that Darkseid has linked his heartbeat to the Earth's sun. Should Darkseid be slain in battle, the sun will go nova, destroying the entire solar system. Aware that he is being spied upon, Darkseid collapses Metron's Boom Tube. Orion awakens, on Apokolips, to find himself at the "mercy" of three of Granny Goodness' disciples. The trio are no match for Orion, who defeats them all quickly and easily. Orion is soon discovered, and attacked, by Kalibak. Their epic battle carries them through the streets of Apokolips, into Darkseid's very throne room. Darkseid swats Kalibak aside, allowing Orion a clear path to him. Despite the threat to the solar system, Orion, consumed with rage, closes on Darkseid. Izaya and Metron arrive to stay Orion's hand. Orion, Izaya, and Metron depart Apokolips, at Darkseid's behest. An uneasy stalemate has been achieved, but the war goes on.


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies ad, Batman And Twinkieless Gotham City

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