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About the Comic

This comic is a teaser with no promise of a resolution. It is a sample story of a brand new character Atlas. The book is also broken up into four chapters and they are listed below.

The Story

Chapter One: Atlas the Great

Atlas is a grown man in the city of Hyssa. He with the help of Chagra challenge passerbys to a fight for money. When a man named Kargin takes up his challenge. Unfortunately for Kargin he is knocked through the floor by Atlas with on hit. People start to turn on Atlas believing he has cheated somehow because Atlas smashed Kargin so easily.

It is at this time that a nobleman notices the disturbance and goes to find out. The people claim it is Atlas' fought and so the nobleman turns on Atlas as well. This leads to another fight and Atlas easily defeats the nobleman and takes him to the leader of the village. This is what Atlas wanted the whole time and it sets him into a flashback when he hears the leader voice. This is because he is the one Atlas know as the Human Lizard.

Chapter Two: Atlas the Untamed

In the Flash back it shows the Human Lizard leader of the city sacking Atlas' village as a child and killing his father and enslaving his mother. Atlas challenges the leader but fails and runs from his men. As he runs into some long grass he is grabbed by Chagra and held unto the raiders leave. As soon as they are gone the young Atlas runs into his home and grabs a crystal that is the symbol of their people. With this he is the chief of his people. When Chagra sees this he declares that he we follow Atlas.

Chapter Three: Avenger

In the years that follow Atlas becomes a greater and greater hero. He dispels evil gods, fights great beasts, rescues the defenseless and wins many trophies and gifts. the greatest is the Helmet of Champions. It is after this that he decides he must face the Human Lizard leader that killed his father.

Chapter Four: Human Lizard

Before they go to meet the Human Lizard, Chagra confesses that he can take Atlas to the Human Lizard and help him if Atlas takes him to the Crystal Mountain (the homeland of his people.) Atlas agrees and in short time Atlas is back in front of the Leader as the flashback ends. He then sees the Leader and the leader finally gives his name as Hyssa.

The End

As stated the end of this book gives no promise of a conclusion to the story. It declares if you want to hear the rest of the story you must write in. It appears that not enough people wrote in because Atlas doesn't seem to have been written about for many years.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman and The Mummy.

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