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This comic book is Issue #5 of the series "1963". It involves the character. "Horus, Lord of Light", as he has dealings with other Egyptian mythological beings and deities from his realm. He utilizes a human guise as a Professor of Egyptology, and it is during this guise one of his students accidentally gets caught up with Horus when he transforms from his human guise back to his superhero identity. The female student soon decides to stow away on Horus' "day vessel" as one of his duties is to steer it through the nethers so Earth and the Sun can experience the transition from night to day to prevent other deities like Anubis from taking over the Earth and the cosmos should the vessel fail.

Horus soon encounters the ensemble of Egyptian deities after it is discovered the "mere mortal", the College student, has stowed away on the vessel, but had effectively steered the ship while Horus had battles with Anubis and other creatures.

The comic is written as analogous to Thor from Marvel, with over the top "myth speak" and a Jack Kirby-esque art style. Jabs are even made at the treatment of women, revealing a type of overt machismo of not only the arrogant deities but of some people during this time period.

The back pages feature a phony letters page as well as a sketch gallery of a few "1963" characters.

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