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This comic book is Issue #4 of the series "1963", and features two stories.  The first one involves the character "N-Man", analogous to Frankenstein's creature and The Thing but with Reed Richards' intellect, who is sent to investigate what may be an expanding dimensional rift, or type of "dimensional sinkhole" dubbed the Shimmering Zone.  N-Man soon encounters a fellow mutated scientist, although he willingly had his body mutated, dubbed "Comrade Cockroach", a Russian scientist as N-Man tries to determine the exact cause and nature of this apparent rift.  Given his immunity to radiation and other energies, N-Man was chosen for the mission but Comrade Cockroach is determined to stop him, so the Soviets can lay claim to it first before the United States. 
The second story involves yet another type of rift in time involving "Johnny Beyond" a beatnick  living in 1963, as his flat becomes a type of ground zero for a time bubble and involves his future alternate reality counterpart from 1992,  as all involved try to determine what is happening.   It is soon revealed the 1963 Johnny Beyond has knowledge of some type of Tibetan magic and the character is slightly analogous to Dr. Strange.  
There is a backup gallery of two drawings of  "1963" characters, one of N-Man. 







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