1602 quick review

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1602 is an 8 issue mini series about, for reasons initially unknown, the age of marvels starting centuries earlier than initial and therefor causing earth shattering reprecutions.
Over the course of the series we meet a whole bunch of charachters and how theyre lives differ to their modern time counterparts but how they are still very similar. And we fine out why all of this has happened.
In my opinion this was a very good series. It had a few genuienly interesting and unexpected twists. and the dialogue was well written with enough to make it feel like the 1600's but not to much to alienate the reader. It was really cool to see the famous marvel characters in this strange situation and the artwork and story just make it that much more interesting.
The ending left it open to continuations which they took advantage of for Spiderman 1602 and fantastick four 1602 (and yes thats how it's spelled in this series) which i look foreward to reading.

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