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One match can mean all the difference for Mill


I like the cover. It really shows what the issue is about and that is tennis. Also the art fits very well. It looks very different from other comics because we do not find many comics about tennis especially from Marvel.


Mill goes to a special academy for Tennis and she needs to have her a game because she only has to win one match or else she gets kicked out of school because she has been in last place for six months. So, Mill gets a new coach but will it be enough for her to win and stay in the school.

Best Part

In the begging it was very boring and I was actually ready to stop reading but I stuck with the comic until the end. I am glad I did because the comic got better once Mill’s new coach came into the picture. Also the ending was a cliffhanger. So, this makes me want to get the next issue. It very nice to see such a different story published by Marvel.

Worst Part

Like I said in the best part of this review I thought the beginning was very boring. I am not a big tennis fan but I thought maybe this story would be very different especially for something Marvel is publishing. At first I felt like all they were going to do was play tennis but than we started to learn a little more about the character. But you had to stick with the book for at least the middle until the story started to pick up.


I did not love the art but I did not think it was that bad either. Nothing was that great about it and nothing that bad about the art either.

Pick it up or not

Do not pick it up!!!

2 ½ out of 5

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Posted by Shadowsnake89

Interesting concept for marvel to pick up I must admit. Reminds me of Prince of Tennis.

Edited by Mutant God

is Mill Collins  Millie Collins or maybe ultimate millie the model lol

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