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The 12 Holy Commanders are the most powerful beings on Earth that easily surpass the strength of the Guyvers in their base form. They were each picked by Dr. Barcas to receive the Zoa Crystals formed from the original Zoalord, Alkanfel.


Alkanfel, is the supreme leader of the Holy Commanders as all below him are nothing but imperfect variations of his being.
 Hamilcar Barcas , was the Co-Founder of Chronos that unearthed a slumbering Alkanfel on his island hideaway. He is primarily a scientist and works in the betterment of Zoanoids.
Shin Rubeo Amniculus, is third in charge and a former student of Barcas from 370 years ago. He assumes control of Chronos while Alkanfel is away in the shadows and Barcas is lost in his Zoanoid development projects.
Waferdanos, the only Holy Commander who isnt empowered by a Zoa Crystal and is around the same age as Alkanfel who is millions of years old. He doesnt care for being an authoritive figure which is why Shin is third in command.
Richard Guyot, the most ambitious of the Holy Commanders since only Alkanfel is supposedly stronger than him. He eventually gets on a high horse and attempts to kill Alkanfel only to fall to him.

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