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What does the wallcrawler look like in the far-flung future of 2061? The Kingpin has taken control of his ultra-powerful techno-symbiote suit. One of his most powerful weapons in the hands of one of his most powerful enemies, Spider-Man will have to prove once again why he’s the greatest superhero in the world!

With the Kingpin in possession of a deadly weapon capable of limitless control, it’s up to the one and only Spider-Man to stop him. But how can he? Find out as the wallcrawler of tomorrow fights for his life when the 100th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL – SPIDER-MAN #1 hits comic shops this July!

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CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverIn-Hyuk Lee1
VarVariant CoverAlexander Lozano2







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A peak into Spider-Man's future! 0

Are you interested in seeing what might happen in the not too distant future? Well, you've come to the right place! This is one of Marvel's many, 100th Anniversary issues, that gives us readers a look into the lives of our favorite characters [in the future]; this time we see what might happen in Spider-Man's crazy world! The GoodThe year is 2061, and Spider-Man and Venom are still enemies. So in this possible issue's story, Spider-Man faces off against a cybernetic-ally enhanced Venom symbiote ...

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Hardcore fans only 0

The art was amazing and even the story (what little of it was there) seemed interesting I found some of the dialogue completely pointless. The fight with Kingpin/Venom was over far too quick and for what this version of the suit was meant to be it was a massive let down. If you are a hardcore Spider-Man fan you will probably have this anyway. I picked it up for the artwork which was beautiful but if you are looking for story, stay well away....

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