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Someone give Dark Horse extra oats

This is not a review of the story, for this is a reprint of Star Wars Star Wars #1 - In the Shadow of Yavin, Part One of Three. The # 1 for $1 is a fantastic way to attract new readers to Dark Horse, and the inclusion of the new Woods, D'Anda, and Eltaeb series makes it even more brilliant. In the past year, Dark Horse creators have been reinvigorating storytelling in the SW universe, and even more innovations are yet to come, like The Star Wars, adapting George Lucas' original draft of the film that started it all. However, not only is Dark Horse defamiliarizing fans from the reality they think that they know, but this also creates opportunities for comic book readers to see commitment to storytelling outside of Marvel NOW and the New 52. Also, kudos to Alex Ross. I thought I was looking at a Hildebrand cover until I saw his name listed inside the front cover; his art has always been good, but has still evolved from his early efforts. Definitely pick this up if it's still available at your friendly neighborhood comic book store. You will be glad you did. .

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I like your approach for this iss`s "reviewing". I was gonna do so once, too. But thought it was redundant.

But no. I`m not into Star wars comics. I`d buy them if they wouldn`t aim to be Star wars-comics (which is what you get with franchises), but different takes on its universe.

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